A plan for the next ten years

Over the next month we are working on the Arts Council of Wales’ Investment Review (ACW). This is our opportunity to make the case for a proper investment in our traditional arts and we need your input. We want to use this review to put forward a vision for our folk traditions for the next ten years, outlining what we – the sector –  want, how we get there and why it’s important.

This is the first step in a consultation that will last for a year. Initially we need you to tell us what you feel is important and what should be done. The next step is to call a convention for everyone who is passionate about our traditional arts this Autumn. This is when we will co-ordinate your vision into a joint plan of action.

Who is the sector?

You are. If you are reading this then you are likely to be a musician, dancer, singer, storyteller, a member of a choir, a village band, or a promoter, or a folk club, or a society or a person who cares about our music and wants to see it flourish. You could be a father wanting to learn songs to sing to his baby or a mother wanting to pass on her fiddle playing to her child. You could be a teacher wanting to bring traditional music into schools or someone who wants to listen to more folk music in our theatres.

How can you contribute?

Tell us what you want to happen! Tell us your vision for traditional music. It can be anything that you feel passionate about: dance teams, Cerdd Dant, opportunities to learn or take part in Plygain or a session. It can be a long-term strategic vision for social inclusion, tourism or singing as a community activity.

Fill in this Survey Monkey, send us an email at the addresses at the bottom of the page, leave a message on our Facebook Page, tweet us or write a letter to trac, PO BOX 428 Cardiff CF11 1DP. As they come in, we’ll put them all up on our website. If you’d like to remain anonymous just let us know. These will all inform our submission to ACW, which we’ll also post online.

We need this information by midnight, Sunday 3rd of May 2015 to put it together for the review deadline of 21st May 2015.

This Autumn we intend to call the whole sector together for a weekend conference where we’ll examine the manifesto and build a strategy for Welsh traditional music to build these themes into an action plan that the whole sector can work towards together.

So let us know what you want. We won’t get this opportunity for another five years.