Our Work

The future of the tradition and the tradition of the future

We kindle interest, nurture talent and present the very best of Wales’ folk musicians across the world. We hold day courses and residential courses to help enthusiasts and professionals hone their skills and develop talent across our traditional arts. You’ll find us working in schools, in communities, on festival fields and at international showcases, helping to ensure that the traditional arts of Wales continue to enrich lives regardless of age, background, race or language. Here’s a little more about how and where we work:


trac strategically develops the folk music and dance scene of Wales. It works to maintain and develop the nation’s vibrant, living tradition and ensure it is shared and enjoyed by audiences. It supports amateur and professional musicians regardless of age, language and race and across borders, and celebrates the very best representation of our folk music culture, promoting it at home and across the world.

trac was founded upon a shared belief in the importance and value of Wales’ traditional culture, an awareness of its continuing relevance to the present, and a passion for sharing what music traditions have to offer.

With support from the Arts Council of Wales, trac provides an information service and this website listing performers, events and contacts.

trac is a Registered Charity, No. 1085422

trac’s Vision

We believe that Wales’ traditional arts are a foundation stone in our nation’s identity. Our music, song, cerdd dant, dance, and storytelling carry and express our distinctive history, languages, culture and way of life. These creative forms are an integral part of our culture, the values and emotions they express bind us together. At trac, we’re passionate about renewing and reinvigorating these forms of expression, both to inspire our younger generations and honour the craft of our tradition bearers.

trac works for those engaged with folk music as performers and audiences, and to develop the folk musicians and audiences of the future.

trac’s Mission

To strategically develop the folk music and dance scene of Wales into a vibrant, living tradition shared and enjoyed by audiences, amateur and professional musicians across borders and age-groups, and to celebrate and promote the very best representation of our folk music culture at home and across the world.

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