trac was delighted to help the Oran Bagraidh project when they were seeking suitable Welsh performers. The project includes Gwyneth Glyn and Bragod from Wales. The short video will tell you more about a fascinating pan-Celtic venture into history, language and music.

Ten diverse artists from across the UK and Ireland came together for a week in Galloway to create new work inspired by Oran Bagraidh, a medieval song believed to be the only surviving example of Galloway Gaelic, a distinct dialect spoken across South West Scotland for many hundreds of years until the 18th century. Galloway was a linguistically diverse area of Scotland and in medieval times early Welsh, old English, and Norse were spoken alongside Gaelic. Partly unintelligible to contemporary Gaelic speakers, several attempts have been made by historians and academics to unlock its meaning.

Have a look at a longer video about the project here

The project members are:

Josie Duncan: harp, voice, 
Lorcán Mac Mathúna: voice, whistle
, Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhríde: accordion, voice
, Conor Caldwell: fiddle, voice
, Barnaby Brown: whistle, voice
, Gwyneth Glyn: voice, 
Bragod: lyre, voice 
Rody Gorman: voice, 
Macgillivray: voice
, Ben Seal: synthesizer, drum programming, prayerbells
 Produced by Ben Seal

They have now released the main single of the album ‘Oran Bagraidh’. The full album will be available on the 2nd of February 2019. Look out for the tour in spring, which will include several dates in Wales.

trac’s involvement began when Director, Danny Kilbride, met the project’s creator Katriona Holmes at Celtic Connections.