Do you play an instrument, sing, dance or have a skill relevant to keeping a young and ambitious band on the road? We want to create the biggest, boldest and best Welsh folk band ever. And we want to inspire a new generation of Welsh folk musicians to shape the future of Welsh traditional music. AVANC is open to anybody aged 16-25 based primarily in Wales who is passionate about music and keen to develop their career.

We welcome fiddles, harps, flutes- all the ‘classic’ traditional instruments, but we are really keen to receive applications from drummers/percussionists, bassists, keys players, vocalists, dancers, DJ’s & brass players- multi-instrumentalism is a big positive for us! We will also have one space available for a trainee sound engineer/tour manager to take care of all our technical and logistical needs. T

he season consists of three intensive residential courses throughout the year, spent working on repertoire, performance skills and developing the concept of the band. In addition there will be a minimum of three public performances each season, the majority of which will be in Wales. As AVANC is a project of trac, Wales’ folk development organisation, with funding from the Colwinston Charitable Trust to develop elite young artists we’ll require serious commitment from all members, and applicants must make themselves available for all activities throughout the season.

TO APPLY: Please send a short biog, a 100 word personal statement saying why you wish to be considered, and a short video of yourself playing, singing or dancing to by September 15th. Videos should be unedited and feature live audio – we’re looking for content, not shiny video! We look forward to hearing from you and making great music together!

Pob hwyl,

Patrick Rimes (Cyfarwyddwr artistig/Artistic director)  

More information about AVANC HERE