Sunday 16th March 2014, 10.00 – 5.00

Branding and Marketing for the corporate-speak averse musician and music manager – a one-day workshop with Angharad Wynne

Words like ‘marketing’ and ‘branding’ can feel scary and too ‘corporate’ for musicians, however, increasingly in the big world out there, getting these things right makes the difference between success and getting nowhere. This is a marketing and branding workshop like no other you will probably ever experience.

Designed by a creative arts marketer (who manages to operate in the commercial music sector as well as hang out with musicians and enjoy music making), specifically for those of you for whom a visit to the dentist for multiple extractions is preferable to engagement with marketing speak and corporate jargon.

Essentially this is about getting to the core of your work, understanding who you are as an artist and performer. Then it’s about how you share that story, your story with the world, in words and music and images. This goes for individual performers as well as groups.

This day will get you thinking about your work and the direction of your career as you’ve likely never done before. There will be lots of laughter and some going deep, poetry, some marketing speak that is good for you to understand and probably some silly hats. What there won’t be is a suited corporate business person droning on about logos, market segments etc. – promise!

Ultimately, it aims to revitalise your creative juices, get you moving ahead purposefully with your work and ensure that you communicate that meaningfully and effectively with your audience, reach those who’ve yet to discover you, make an impression on bookers, the music industry and the media.

Venue: CHAPTER ARTS CENTRE, Market Road, Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1QE

Cost: £25 per day (includes lunch) Advance booking is essential. Book your place here: