1. Professional performers – here are some ideas


Play a concert at home, and publicise through CoronaConcerts page on Facebook. You could do this for free, or sell tickets with a Zoom link.

Online tuition

Do you offer lessons online? Do we have your details in the trac Directory? If not, let us know

Virtual Music Events Directory 

More information and guidance about the tools that you can be used to host virtual events. Find it HERE

Direct support

      • Ko-fi.com is a free platform for artist support (like Patreon but looks simpler and with no fees)
      • Folk Corona– Fundraising Auction run by north Wales agent Kelda Manley using FB. Artists are auctioning merch, artwork, crafts & all sorts! Check it out

Information links

There’s useful links here:

Creative Cardiff

Manchester International Festival

UK Government loans and Grants

More information HERE

MU Coronavirus Hardship Fund

More information HERE

Depending on how you constitute your business there is some support for leisure and hospitality businesses

2. Music-lovers: support your musicians

COVID-19 has seen thousands of gigs cancelled right across the world.

This can be especially devastating for folk musicians, emerging artists and people carefully building their career in a tough industry.

When we come out of the other side of this pandemic, we can’t let our music industry be one of the many victims. If we are not able to sustain festivals, venues and most importantly, musicians through this difficult time, they may not be there for us to enjoy in future.

What can you do to help?

    • Buy physical merchandise from your favourite artist’s websites. CDs, T-shirts, whatever else they are selling.
    • Contribute to fundraisers from musicians. Have a look on your favourite artist’s facebook page and see what they’re doing which you can support. This might be paying for a live streamed gig, it might be contributing to a fundraiser (Calan and Trials of Cato are already doing this, because of tour cancellations), or it might be something else. If your favourite festival or concert is cancelled, if you can afford to, perhaps donate the ticket price to the organisation or refuse the refund.
    • Lobby your MP to extend sick pay from day one to low paid, zero hours and freelance workers affected by or in self isolation due to coronavirus – more info HERE
    • Make a donation to Help Musicians UK
    • (Thanks to our friends at EFEx for this info)

3. Sharing music and songs

There are lots of ‘online stages’ springing up, such as