Ten of the songs in the collection of Welsh Folk Songs now have lyrics videos available on the trac YouTube channel. Use this resource to build up your repertoire of traditional folk songs from Wales with Arfon Gwilym, one of our major tradition bearers. The lyrics videos complement the collection of 30 songs available on the trac website.

The lyrics videos are available on the trac Youtube channel in a playlist. The videos available are:

Adar Mân y Mynydd (Small Birds of the Mountain)

Ambell i Gân (The Occasional Song)

Blodau’r Cwm(The Flowers of the Valley)

Bugail Hafod y Cwm (The Shepherd of Hafod y Cwm)

Cainc yr Aradwr (The Ploughman’s Song)

Cariad Cyntaf (First Love)

Cariad Cywir (True Love)

Marwnad yr Ehedydd

Mil Harddach Wyt (A Thousand Times More Beautiful)

Tra Bo Dau (While Two Remain)

Arfon says:

“It can’t be emphasised enough that folk songs and tunes have always been passed on orally over the generations, and that they should always be learnt by ear if at all possible. These are songs – almost all of them – that I heard before I ever saw them on paper. That’s why I probably imitate, almost unconsciously, a style of singing that’s impossible to convey on paper. That’s why, also, when I see a song noted in sol-ffa or old notation, that my instinct is to regard that as a guide rather than an exact version set in concrete.

I am also very much aware that there is a growing number of people who are interested in these songs but need to know a little more about their background and how to pronounce the words. This resource will hopefully help to put you on the right track.”

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