trac’s innovative Mari Lwyd flat-pack horse head is now available to buy online. The head is a light-weight ‘vegan option’ since actual horse skulls are heavy, hard to come by and cost hundreds of pounds to buy. Created by model-maker and storyteller David Pitt, the flat-pack cardboard version can be papier-machéd and decorated to make it uniquely yours.

The pack includes a beautiful 72 page bilingual booklet by Dr Rhiannon Ifans of the Welsh Folk Song Society and is lavishly illustrated with colour photographs of modern Maris as well as archive black-and-white pictures from the St Fagans museum collection. The book also includes the main songs from the tradition (with lyrics, translations and dots) as well as background information to help you establish your own local Mari tradition. The pack comes with a DVD of step-by-step instructional videos to help you build your Mari head.

The book is also available to buy separately – follow the link below.

Click here to buy your pack, read more about trac’s project which created the Fflat-Pac Mari and watch a whole playlist of videos of the Mari Lwyd tradition in action, then and now.