One-day ‘Artist Development’ courses from trac at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

With Wales as International Partner at EFEx this year as well as Nation In Focus at Festival Interceltique Lorient, trac is running a series of one-day workshops aimed at part-time and full-time professional musicians in the folk/traditional sector. The workshops are designed to help musicians become better communicators and be more professional in the “business” side of a musical career.


10 March
Touring, Gigging & Developing Your Audiences : Neil Pearson
How, where, when, why? Strategies and case studies for both UK & International

• Developing strategies and plans for growing audiences in existing markets, and in developing new regions.
• Working with other artists and development partners on exchange programmes
• Getting gigs, approaching festivals and bookers (especially if you don’t have an agent), and when is it right to get an agent
• How to pitch, when to pitch, strategy around this and gaining profile with the right venues/festivals.
• Building relationships with programmers and promoters
• What are programmers thinking when they book artists, and how to use this to your advantage.
• Matching your target territories to showcase events, what is out there and what is the right event to consider.
• How and when to take the risk – when is the right time to expand and how to do this strategically, who are the partners to consider?

17 March
Integrity, authenticity and stagecraft: Alan James
What makes your music unique?

• What makes you different?
• Welsh music beyond Wales
• The Language Gateway
• Different approaches to export
• Q and A’s

An interactive session with 9Bach’s manager, Alan James. We’ll look at how the unique qualities of the Welsh language and music from Wales can be used to enhance the possibilities for touring and international work outside of Wales. Bring your experiences, your ideas and your questions.

24 March
Building your team: Neil Pearson
How to build a support network at all points in your career

• Understanding who you are, what you can (and can’t) do on your own
• Knowing when to seek help and advice (and where to ask for it)
• When do you need to build a team, how to build a team and who should be in it
• Building networks and contacts including networking / work relationships and joining the dots
• Finding the balance between creativity and admin
• Self-motivation and work/life balance
• Working with mentors and coaches
• Delegation and letting go of things
• Working as a collective: ‘Do it Yourself Together’

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