Gregynog Declaration

This declaration was agreed unanimously at a folk arts conference organised by trac in Gregynog, Powys, on 8 February 2003.

This conference recognises that dancing, singing, cerdd dant, storytelling, and making music are part of our birthright and call upon local, national and international agencies to ensure that our opportunities for doing so are actively encouraged, not further diminished.

We believe the values inherent in our traditional forms of expression are ties that bind us together, and that the challenge for the future is to renew our forms of expression in ways that both satisfy the rising generations and honour the preceding ones.

The conference calls upon the Government at Westminster, the Welsh Assembly Government and all Assembly Sponsored Public Bodies :

  • to have regard for our natural cultural resources and the part they can and should play in the economic and social regeneration of Wales, and in particular of rural Wales;
  • to test all policies for relevance to the aspirations of fully re-possessing our cultural birthright;
  • to support the provision of spaces for traditional culture to be enjoyed without undue restrictions;
  • to support the self-determination of all groups engaged in traditional culture;
  • to encourage initiatives to make our traditional forms of expression accessible to all the people of Wales.

Traditional arts are a cornerstone of social cohesion and an expression of Wales distinctive history, language, culture and way of life. They are the voice of community. Wales must encourage that voice to be heard.

trac encourages participation in our music, song and dance traditions – throughout Wales, in both languages and by people of all ages and abilities


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