Our music is personal, social and a living link between our past and our future.

The Tunechain is a series of short films illustrating the way our musicians learn and share our music. Robert Evans, Gerard KilBride, Gafin Morgan, Beth Williams Jones, Stephen Rees, Robin Huw Bowen, Gwenan Gibbard, Ceri Rhys Matthews and Elsa Davies make a musical chain playing music they have learned and taught and speaking about what traditional music means to them as musicians and as people.

We asked Gerard KilBride and Rhodri Smith to visit nine of our finest musicians and film them in their homes, kitchens and workshops using low-tech audio visual kit- iphones, flip cams and small hand held camcorders. We know that if we can do this then so can anyone else with access to a musician, a camera and a few hours.

Each movie is a few minutes long and has one musician playing one or two tunes. We’ve also made a movie edit. You can see the videos here and on our YouTube channel. We’ll be using these movies and new ones to illustrate our music, our songs, dances and tunes.

We hope you enjoy them and will send us your own Tunechain to share!

Our Projects

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