Calling all musicians!

Three days of workshops to help you to become a better communicator and be more professional in the “business” and in your musical career. Aimed at part-time and full-time professionals, the three days will cover stagecraft, live sound, and marketing using social media. Each subject will be a one-day course led by industry professionals.

Last year, trac ran similar workshops in Cardiff. This year we will be running all three events at Galeri Caernarfon in North Wales, covering topics which came as feedback from last year’s sessions. Come to whichever you need – or book for all three at a discount price.



Friday 24 April 2015
Social Media Marketing with Carl Morris

We all know we’re supposed to use Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp, and more. We know that people access information about music from PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Somehow it’s all got a bit too complicated. Well, not any more. This session will explain how you can take charge of this for yourself: when to tweet, facebook, instagram and how.

The session will be led by Carl Morris of Native HQ, a specialist in advising Welsh creative industries on how to let social media add to their creativity and not rule it.

Saturday 25 April 2015
Practical stagecraft with Brian McNeill

So the music’s great, now how to communicate with the audience?

Brian McNeill, world-famous performer and singer, ran this session for us last year in Cardiff. He will use his near half century of international touring and teaching experience to give constructive advice on the practicalities of performance, arrangement and stagecraft. This is a chance to work at a highly professional level to help give your music its greatest possible impact.

Whether you are a soloist or part of a duo or band, working with Brian McNeill will improve and polish your performance, arranging and stage presentation skills. He will work with you to look at strengths and weaknesses and work on how to build on the former and tackle the latter. The session will suit vocalists and instrumental players at all levels and help hone essential skills to make performances more effective.

Sunday 26 April
Live Sound with Neil Browning

You should be able to get your voice and your instrument heard clearly and cleanly anywhere you perform. We’ll show you how a PA system works, how you can make work for you and how you can be sure of getting your music heard the way you want it to be. We’ll talk about how you do it yourself, how it works with hired in systems and the kinds of equipment you should be thinking about when you get round to buying your own kit.

This session will be led by Neil Browning of Cajuns Denbo, Never Mind The Bocs and a lifetime of experience in performing music of all genres.


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Each day will be from 10.00 – 4.00, tea & coffee provided, bring your own lunch

Cost: £15 in advance, £20 on the door
Book for all three in advance for only £40!

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