We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with Music Prince Edward Island and the English Folk Dance and Song Society. We believe the best way to help musicians from small nations and regions to reach new opportunities and markets is to help each other. This marks our first, formal step in that direction.

This year we are sending Kizzy Crawford, one of our finest singer-songwriters to Prince Edward Island to work with Tim Chaisson. Kizzy is a recipient of the Horizons Award and recently featured in Ffwrnes Gerdd; a trac, Arts council of Wales and S4C collaboration. Tim is a fantastic singer-songwriter who regularly features on Americana TV shows and has recently toured Australia.

They’ll write together and are currently touring Atlantic Canada before showcasing at Music PEI’s Showcase PEI and conference on 2-4 October at Charlottetown.

This November we’ll be organising a short tour of Wales and the UK culminating in a showcase alongside England’s Dan Walsh and PEI’s Meaghan Blanchard at the Association of Festival Organisers’ conference, Nottingham.

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